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The Future of Wood Heat Is Here!
Empyre Elite XT
The Empyre Elite XT wood boilers revolutionary design delivers all the comfort and convenience of a conventional furnace while protecting the environment.

Vesta Award Finalist 2012:
Central Heating Systems Category
Awarded by Hearth & Home Magazine for innovation in design and technology

Wood Gasification:
Clean Burning Gasification Technology saves money and the environment

Empyre Wood Burning Stoves

Heating a home or business without relying on costly, environmentally unfriendly fossil fuels isn’t as difficult as it sounds. A wood boiler or wood furnace can provide a perfect alternative that is renewable and sustainable and isn’t subject to fluctuating world markets. At Pro-Fab Industries, we are pleased to offer clients all over the world access to one of the largest, most technologically advanced lines of wood furnaces available.

Pro-Fab Industries is North America’s leading designer and manufacturer of alternative energy heating systems, including high efficiency indoor and outdoor wood boiler models and more traditional outdoor furnace designs. The Pro-Fab family of indoor and outdoor wood furnace and boiler designs incorporates state-of-the-art engineering and technology. We are committed to protecting the environment by continually striving to increase efficiency and reduce emissions in all of our alternative energy furnace and boiler models.

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Empyre Products - Wood Burning Stoves

Our product line includes a wide variety of outdoor and indoor wood furnace and boiler models designed for residential and commercial use. Some of our products include:

Empyre Elite– Searching for an indoor wood boiler to heat your home? Empyre Elite is an exceptional choice. This hybrid indoor wood gasifier provides all the standard convenience and comfort of conventional furnaces without relying on fossil fuels. The Empyre Elite indoor wood furnace delivers reliability that is hard to top and convenience that’s hard to turn down.

Empyre Pro Series – The outdoor furnace designs in this series rely on cord wood to provide comfortable, renewable heat for indoor areas and domestic hot water. This high efficiency wood burning furnace has a wide range of applications, including radiant in-floor or forced air space heating, domestic hot water, swimming pools and hot tubs. With dual supply and return ports, the Empyre Pro Series wood gasifier is also a reliable source of heat for multiple buildings, including garages, shops, greenhouses and other outbuildings.

Empyre– This wood furnace operates outdoors, but provides reliable heating for homes, businesses, small greenhouses, hot tubs, domestic hot water and much more. It is an excellent alternative to fossil fuels or electric-based heat with a cleaner, more affordable source.

Cozeburn – This outdoor wood furnace was created to provide full space heating for homes, shops and domestic hot water.

Pelco – This light industrial biomass boiler  is designed for heavier duty use. Available in four industrial sizes, the Pelco Biomass Boiler can be used to heat schools, offices, carwashes, greenhouse, barns and a whole lot more.

HeatHandler– This water-to-air heat exchanger provides a sustainable source of clean heat for a variety of applications. It’s great for factories, offices, barns, garages and more.

Wood Burning Stove as a Heating Alternative

When you need an alternative to fossil fuels for your home, business or industrial installation, Pro-Fab Industries has the right solutions. Our wood gasifier models, wood boilers and other alternative energy heating products provide a sustainable option that’s better for the environment and easier on the wallet.

To find out more about any of our indoor or outdoor wood furnaces, just explore our website. We would be happy to answer questions about any of our models. We can be reached, toll free, at 1-888-933-4440. Just contact us directly to find out why wood furnaces provide the perfect alternative to fossil fuels for heating homes, businesses and more.  




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